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The Wintrish Girl

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The Wintrish Girl


‘A treasure of a book – fizzing with imaginative delights, hilarity, adventure and utterly loveable characters.’

– Jaclyn Moriarty

The Wintrish Girl is an exciting middle-grade fantasy debut. La’Brooy has created a sophisticated world that uses tropes of the fantasy genre, while creating a fresh, captivating adventure. Penn’s escape and return to the kingdom, alongside the friendships she forms and some wondrous magical creatures, make for a page-turning story that fans of Nevermoor will particularly enjoy… this first instalment of the ‘Talismans of Fate’ series will captivate readers aged 10 and up.”

– Angela Crocombe, Manager, Readings Kids

‘The Wintrish Girl is a delightfully spellbinding tale. Melanie La’Brooy’s debut is imbued with a charm that readers will love.’

– Rebecca McRitchie

On Talisman Day in the Empire of Arylia, every child receives an object that gives them special powers and reveals their destiny. Every child except for The Wintrish Girl, Penn, that is. All she has ever wanted is the impossible: to own a Talisman and return to her home in Midwinter to find her true family. But Penn’s trapped – doomed to a miserable, lonely life as a royal servant.

But a long-forgotten evil is stirring and destinies are about to change …

When mysterious and sinister events start to occur, the blame falls upon The Wintrish Girl. Suddenly Penn finds herself running for her life. Straight into deadly peril. Facing dangerous enemies with formidable powers, what can an ordinary Wintrish girl do? Because without a Talisman, there’s no changing your fate … is there?

A wildly fun adventure featuring at least five impossibly daring escapes, important life lessons about friendship and cucumbers, a dragon with a fear of unicorns and some stylish execution wear.

And one vicious berry.

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Release Date : 30/08/2022
ISBN : 9780702265631
Binding : Paperback B
Pages : 440